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Dr. Med. Vet. Heiko Delorme


Probiotic, organic dog supplement that supports the digestive tract


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Dr. med. vet. Heiko Delorme



Why is bacterial diversity in the gut so important for its health?


Microorganisms provide indispensable support for the preservation of the biological balance on our earth.


They are the only creatures that can produce living substance from inorganic material.


Few of them are dangerous, most are useful.


When beneficial microorganisms are abundant, they occupy the habitat of dangerous pathogens (competitive inhibition).


The bacteria originally found in the soil are predominantly the same as those found in our pharyngeal and intestinal mucous membranes. Plants do not have their own digestive system;the soil is their intestine. (Industrially produced food contains all vital nutrients, but no microorganisms).


Microorganisms are the mediators between the mineral and the living world.


In the course of developmental history, a pronounced coexistence has developed because of the absorption of bacteria from the soil via the ingestion of food.


An intact skin and mucosal flora (respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract) prevents dangerous bacteria and their pathogenic properties from spreading through out the body.


No matter whether human or animal, a healthy living organism requires a healthy balanced microbiome (microbiome = totality of all microorganisms on a living being).That microbiome has to develop in a certain period of time.


Due to damaging environmental influences, an unhealthy diet, negative stress and too much medication (antibiotics, laxatives, cortisone etc.), the skin and mucous membrane flora is often no longer able to maintain important protective functions.


Pathogenic microorganisms take over. The doctors call this condition dysbiosis.


The results come in the form of many diseases (e.g.):


Malaise, belching and feeling of fullness

Acute and chronic infections of the respiratory system (paranasal sinuses, throat - pharynx, lungs)

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (diarrhea, constipation, bloating, irritable bowel, etc.)


Skin diseases

Tiredness and lack of Energy

Autoimmune diseases (of any kind)

Lack of removal of degenerate cells that can become tumors

Mental illness (fear, aggression, compulsive action)


For many years, scientists have regularly referred to the connection between a damaged intestinal flora and the immune system. For many years, I have pointed to many of these research results on my homepage. Together with the founders of Mikroveda, Kurt Walter Lau and Gabriele Freitag-Lau, I developed a probiotic, organic dog supplement: "MoK". I have used microorganisms successfully with many of my canine patients.The demand for MoK has been increasing for years, both at home and abroad. Mikroveda has been producing great microorganism-products for many years (for agriculture, the environment andpeople). I have thus transferred the production of the product to them. The product is only sold directly to consumers or via the MoK-Shop on this website.


As a veterinarian and long-standing dog breeder, I have a special interest in dogs health problems. That's why I've been focusing intensively on the microbiota of the dog's gut. My probiotic, organic dog supplement MoK has been modified several times. Through feedback from my clients and colleagues, I found that it is very well suited to support a dog’s damaged intestinal flora. This is important for the recovery of their immune system and an improvement of the whole metabolic function.


The acceptance of the Mikroorganismen-Komplex has been significantly improved. Until recently, only the strain Enterococcus faecium was approved as a living microorganism in dog supplements. Now a second strain has been approved: Bacillus subtilis. Both strains are included in MoK. In addition, MoK contains enzymes and vitamins that are produced by over 30 different strains during the fermentation of the herbal extraction.


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Delorme, Heiko "Die Mikroflora des Darms bei Tieren und Menschen und ihr Einfluß auf die Gesundheit": Sonntag Verlag, Zeitschrift für Ganzheitliche Tiermedizin 2017;31:58-60

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